Posted by maticgolobic

Sound freezes after video/music ends/stops.

Using TeamViewer 13(up to date) on Win 7 Ultimate x64 and Huawei Honor 8 Lite (AKA Huawei P8 Lite 2017)

1. Whenever video or music, i listen to, ends it sounds like my pc froze (repeating last few milliseconds of sound). That does NOT happen if i pause it, only if i close media program or click stop in media player. The freezing sound only outputs through Speakers(rear connector) and headphones (front connector) but does not occur on Android device i am connected with, to my pc.

English is not my native language so please ask me more questions if i wasn't clear enough about my problem.

2. This might be related, but sometimes my screen (on android) freezes, but i found a solution. Ctrl+Alt+Del instantlly unfreezes it which is not so bad IMHO. But the same solution does NOT stop the freezing sound effect.

Thanks everyone for help.