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Support for open tickets is really taking a dive.  I've opened a support ticket a couple of weeks ago, didnt get any response, so chased by email three times and still no reply!  I only got help with this ticket by phoning.


What is going on T/V??

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2 Replies
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RE: Support

Dear FormaServe,

thank you for your contribution.

Generally we do not comment on open tickets publicly.

If you are a paying customer, you are entitled to our email and phone support and you can call us directly and refer to your open ticket number. We always aim to serve our customers with a solution swiftly.

I am happy to read, that the supporters could already help you via phone.

Best regards.


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Re: Support

HERE TOO. Thought I was hacked, put in a request for help/support and had nothing but a response to say they would get back to me asap. Right. I ended up uninstalling team viewer...can't take any chances.