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Switch from private to commercial back and forth

I'm richt now working in a home office on my private computer.

From the company I'm working for I got the account A ( and for my private use (to help my parents and wife) account b ( So when I use the computer private I use to connect with my parents and if I have to connect to the computers from the company I'm working for 

My question now is how I can handle this? When I switch back to my private account it tell me that teamviewer see that there is commercial use and with account A I'm not allowed to use it also private. How I can handle this?

I think in my case I use the free license for private use only and the commercial license for commercial only. But can't write each week a mail to teamviewer and let them (again) unlock my private teamviewer account.

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Re: Switch from private to commercial back and forth

Hi HansG,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately there is no way to switch back and forth. The issue is you are using the software commercially.

Whether a connection is classed as "Commercial" is not related to what account you are using. It would not make sense for us to only track the usage this way as accounts can be easily deleted or replaced, also the software can be used without an account. You cannot just switch accounts and expect us to track your usage for each account individually.

The free version of TeamViewer cannot be used on a device that is used for commercial purposes. So although I understand that some of your usage is commercial and some is personal, the only way for us to create a system that splits commercial and personal use on one device would be to monitor the content of your connections which we will not do as it is a violation of privacy.
The free version can only be used in private environments. Unfortunately because of the business use on your device, it is classified as a commercial environment and it will be unable to use the free version.

Sorry for any dissapointment.


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