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TV is offline on Android in sleeping mode


1) I'm doing support for over 100 Android phones different manifacturer and i have often the problem that i can't reach the Teamviewer on the phone. 
The Phone is working and connected to the internet - i get backupfiles - but i can't reacht TV - the device is offline.
TV Host and Quicksupport is installed and it works fine when people are working on the phone/ when the phone is not in sleeping mode.
The app/phone settings I have already checked - TV can do everything when phone is in sleeping mode.

2) TV is not starting as a Service.
Phones from the same manifacturer i can connect without starting seperatly the app TV Host - all is working fine - TV runs as a service.
But on the other phones also from the same manifacturer i must start expliziet the app TV Host.
I have no idea why?!

THX for Help!!!