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Posted by PauletteMB

TeamView won't let me sign in ~ Just updated to 13.2.14327 ~ still no luck

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1 Reply
Posted by DSperber

Re: TeamView won't let me sign in ~ Just updated to 13.2.14327 ~ still no luck

Are running VM sessions or any Remote Desktop (RDP) connections to this machine? This includes a Win7 HTPC using Windows Media Center where the WMC extenders themselves connect through RDP, so if you're watching TV at a TV/extender location you actually have a currently active Remote Desktop session going.

If so, this seems to now negatively impact the Computers and Contacts GUI window (perhaps justified by some newly ascertained "security" reason that never existed before now), so that the password field goes blank and all of your team members instantly disappear!  And if you click in the password field to try and sign in (since the username email address is still shown) the password field now becomes unavailable for entry and the SIGNIN button goes gray.

Stopping the VM sessions, or ending all of the RDP sessions... as soon as there are no more remote connections to the host server the Computers and Contacts GUI window will once again return to normal usability.  You can now actually enter a password, and you can now actually push the SIGNIN button, and instantly all of your team PCs appear.  You can actually now connect to any one or more of them and the TeamViewer sessions will be established.

But if you again start a VM session, or connect a WMC extender (i.e. activate an RDP session), once again the Computers and Contacts window will "go blank", although any currently active TeamViewer sessions will remain active and usable. You just won't be able to establish any additional TeamViewer sessions since the Computers and Contacts window is temporarily completely unusable... due to remote RDP connections or VM sessions being active.

Ridiculous, of course.  But true.  Didn't exist until a very recent TV version, and now everybody's reporting "can't sign in" problems on this forum.  Do you think the Team Viewer engineers will see our please for help, and fix this recent major defect issue???