Posted by eyapici

TeamViewer 13 No Sound on Ubuntu


I cannot get computer sounds from Windows hosts to Ubuntu 16.04 client. I could here while i was using teamviewer 10, but after upgrade i cannot here anything anymore. I have to hear sounds because of my job.

I cannot find any solution about this topic

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2 Replies
Posted by fabron

Re: TeamViewer 13 No Sound on Ubuntu

No sound either ubuntu 18
1090t 4gb ram
asus 870 mobo
intel 4port nic
Posted by RolandK

Re: TeamViewer 13 No Sound on Ubuntu

Even the  14.1.3399 version has no sound on linux by using a windows 7 remote system.

Other remote controlling software "Any.." works correctly, but since Teamviever switched away from the wine port and is using Qt5 there is just no Sound fearure in Linux.

Seems this is not a priority on the ToDo list on Linux , too bad so i'm switching away from this product.