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TeamViewer 13 Portable - Not Importing Settings?

Ever since I upgraded to TV13, I cannot use portable with saved settings...

I download TV13 Portable, extract it to my USB stick (on a copy of WinPE). I edited the teamviewer.ini and added my license key and the settings (as per the KB). I exported settings from my full-version computer to the same folder as TV.INI. All these steps, multiple times and no matter what I do the TV portable will not import the saved settings. HELP!

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2 Replies
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Re: TeamViewer 13 Portable - Not Importing Settings?

Same here.

It doesnt matter which name the *.ini has or where is it saved (local, usb, unc).

As workaround i export/import the registry-settings from "HKCU\Software\TeamViewer" within a batch-script:

reg import TeamViewer.reg
start /wait TeamViewer.exe
reg export TeamViewer.reg
reg delete hkcu\Software\TeamViewer /f

The reg-export-function of TeamViewer is not suitable for me, because it changes "HKCU" to "HKLM", without admin-rights you cannot import this settings.

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Re: TeamViewer 13 Portable - Not Importing Settings?

My portable TV 13 sometimes locks the remote computer no matter how many times I set it to "Never".

Not always, just sometimes.

I think this might be related to the OP's issue.