Posted by brw111

TeamViewer 13 Released Without Sufficient Testing

I agree with all the complaints about TeamViewer 13, especially that it was released with so many bugs. I also hate when a new "feature" is added without proper vetting. E.g., the addition in 12 of "Recent Connections". That would be fine if it could be set to collapsed and stuck that way, but no matter how many times I collapse it when I log back in it's expanded again, wasting precious screen real estate! We pay way too much for this product which most of us depend on for our livelihood in connecting to clients. These buggy releases substantially adds to our costs! When the product is stable it's great, but this is a mess. I've purposely held off updating from 12 to 13 even though I've paid for the upgrade after seeing all these posts. I'm glad I've held off, sorry I paid for the upgrade, and may well consider going with another product unless TeamViewer gets its act together!