Posted by mrnaz

TeamViewer Management Console hangs

Hey all,

I just purchased a license, and am setting all my TeamViewer stuff up, however I seem to have managed to break my Management Console. Yes, the in-browser one. Yes, I'm also amazed. Here's a screenshot of the browser window, it just hangs there:


Right now I feel like "That Guy" who calls up saying "this thing that should never break just broke".

What did I do to break it and how do I fix it?

- Naz.

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2 Replies
Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: TeamViewer Management Console hangs

Good Morning !!

   I understand your concern, trust me you didn't brake it, have you try restarting the divice ? also please make sure that you have internet connection, it seems to me that this is a momentary problem, please begin with that.

waiting to hear from you.



Posted by hewsonspqr

Re: TeamViewer Management Console hangs

How did this get resolved?   I have the same problem, but the advice given above didn't resolve it for me.

I get the same screen and message with spinning wheel.  Clicking on any of the options on the pages does nothing.