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Teamviewer 13 dividing remote window into four desktops

Yes - it's a confusing title - but please have a look at the picture below.

This happens to me after 5 seconds or so of using TV to access a customer's remote computer.  Of note is the fact that the screen will not go like this until I start doing things on the client's computer (if I just connect and leave it - it's fine).

This particular client is using Teamviewer 7 Quick Support (they have other IT that insist on using V7 while our organisation uses V13)

Sometimes the connection recovers from this condition itself.  I have updated my video drivers already - to no avail.

I have v13.0.6447.  I never had this problem when we were using Teamviewer 8.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Teamviewer 13 dividing remote window into four desktops

More info: Just got the customer to use TV13 QS and it works fine.

Unfortuantely, I can get every customer to just upgrade to TV13 for reasons stated above.

The host computer is Windows 7 by the way.

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Re: Teamviewer 13 dividing remote window into four desktops

HI @Fangster,

Thanks for your post and the update!

Your update was right in line with what I would have offered as a solution. You mentioned the client uses Version 7 QS for their needs.

But since QS is just an .exe, you can still have them run your Version 13 QS so that you can connect when needed. And they can continue using their Version 7 after you have disconnected.

I might also recommend the client company using Version 7 QS use a fresh copy of version 7 QS which can be found at the link below.


Let me know if this helps,


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