Posted by N3tKase

Teamviewer 13 problems

I am on a MaC running OSX 10.10.5 and Team Viewer 13.0.6447

Remote computer is also running the Same OS and Team Viewer version

There are a couple of major issuses when I have full control of the remotes computer.

First: is that when items pop up from the target computer I can not select the button to click on OK or Cancel. this has been happening for a while now with most all versions of late while some of the older Distributions allowed this to happen without issues. I need to be able to hit those buttons instad of having the other person on the remote sit there or talking with them on the phone to ask them to hit the ok or cancel buttons. Yes when one pulls up normal windows one can use the mouse to select what they want and need to do without the Remote user around but not when buttons seem to pop up from other processes on the remote computer. This really needs a fix.

Second: When trying to transfer large files from primary to remote computer and usually due to slow BW on the Remote side, once a file is started to upload, usually overnight as the BW is slow on remote side, and both of us walk away from the computers to let the upload finish, the Download will usually stop and I will get kicked out of the remotes computer with a timeout message from the remote computer. I can relog back in but when trying to restart the upload I also get a message stating that the file can not be finished due to an error 84 (84).

I can only delete the file that was uploaded and try again and then get the same as before where the remote computer times out and boots me from the session.

The app appears to not be checking for activity other than mouse activity or something else maybe when transfering files of large sizes and bw limits. The app should be checking with network activity and file transfers and recieving which it doe snot seem to be doing with large files.

Yes of course when small files are transfered or a group of small files are transfered then there seems to be no problem as the log file is showing such and may be actually triggering the app to stay awake and see activity. I am not sure exactly what needs to be fixed in the app but either way the two issues mentioned above are not making things easy at all for remote helping of another without a lot of problems even there too as one usually has to have the other on a phone call when there are issues the originator can not complete.

Looking at some of the other posts here quickly it seems a lot are having issues with network activity and probable time outs on thei remote users parts too.