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Teamviewer 14 Host - This has to end.

This installer is just the worst. Why would you put some settings in the installer, some in custom properties (that don't work) of that installer, some in the API, and some in a registry file?? Can you make up your minds about a workflow and stick to it? This is a bloody nightmare.

The ---seteasyaccess function doesn't do jack and the regfileimport fails.The net result of this is that we have to use windows creds to access new installs and manually set the unattented access password and/or easy access.

Your documentation is worthless, because half the functions in there don't work. 

The rights management on your website controlpanel is useless; Nomatter what rights you give someone, the only one who can change any settings on hosts and groups is the one who made them in the first place. You are aware that people sometimes change jobs and leave companies?

Polecies don't get pushed to clients automatically in retrospect. You want me to do this manually on 5k clients?

Beta problems? Not when we are paying for it....get it right please.

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Re: Teamviewer 14 Host - This has to end.

Hi @VolcomerJZ 

Thank you for posting.

We are sorry to hear your negative experience with TeamViewer. I have internally forwarded your concerns and inquries to TeamViewer Support Team. One of the support representative to get in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.