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Teamviewer 14 says Remote is running old version despite using QS 14.4.2669

I am running the latest Teamviewer 14 on my computer and the person I was helping downloaded quick support from my custom link, which has version 14.4.2669 listed in the options window. Despite both of these being completely updated and on the same version, I get an error saying, "The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date. Therefore you cannot connect to this Version anymore..." followed by a "Reason unknown" dialog box.

If I select to connect using Windows authentication instead, however, and enter the credentials of the remote user, I successfully connect. I have tested this using a second computer in my possesion, as I don't expect my friend to have to give me their password just for me to help them for a few minutes.

And even further, this problem doesn't persist when I use the standard QS download (version 14.4.2669). Has anyone else had this issue or found a fix for it. I'm really trying to avoid forcing my friend to send me their remote ID and password everytime they need help or even worse, their actual windows credentials.