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Posted by Steve999

Timing out inactive sessions not working?

Hi all, 

I am running the latest free version and after setting the "timing out inactive session" to 30 minutes, I stepped away for 45 minutes.  Upon returning, I discovered my remote session was still connected.  I tested this on multiple computers but same result.  Locking my desktop didn't change the behavior either.  Anyone else also experiencing this?

One of our teams is planning to purchase for production use but we can't give the green light until this is resolved (per security policy), and TeamViewer will only take calls from paid licenses.  



2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Re: Timing out inactive sessions not working?

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the hassle there.

If you are looking at purchasing, you can organise an official trial by contacting sales. We can then follow this up with our support team.


Senior Moderator
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Posted by commonsensmatt

Re: Timing out inactive sessions not working?

hey scotty!  why don't you try answering his question?  did you even READ it?  he said a team was set to purchase a license, but they need to work out this bug FIRST?  or did you skip over that part??


your response was 100% useless