Posted by Dean_S

Trusted Devices failure loop

I can log in and use team viewer from the browser. What I have to do is try to access one of my saved profiles, forcing the Team Veiwer app to the log in properly.

If I try to log on directly via the Windows 10 App, it tells me I have add my computer to the trusted devices. I get the email, I hit the authorize link, confirm the authorizate, get the confirmation that I'm authorized. When I go to relog in under my "newly authorzied log in" I once again am prompted to authorize. I have an email box full of these requests all fullfilled now to no avail. My ONLY way in right now is my opening sentance which is totally broken as far as I'm concered.

Using the knowledge base I've also attempted to go in from the Windows 10 App from Extras -> Options -> Assign to account. This too leaves me stuck in the authorization loop.