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Posted by dakotawbnfc

Trying to set up all my computers

I'm trying to setup teamviewer on all of my computers (I have 3.) I have went in and installed it on each one, logged in, and "assigned" it to my account. I have even pressed "grant easy access" on each one. But when I log in to the management console or on one of my computers, It dosen't show them. It assigns the same ID to every computer, and I think is reading them as the same computer even though they are not. Did I set something up wrong? Does every computer need to have a separate teamviewer login? 

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Posted by Chiron

Re: Trying to set up all my computers

We are going to need some more information.

  • Are these Windows computers?
  • Are they on the same network or in different locations?
  • Do they each have a 9 digit ID (same ID) or are they showing an IP address?
  • Did you install version 13?
  • Have you been able to connect to any of them using TeamViewer?

This sounds like a very unusual problem. I am very interested to know what's happening.

I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
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Posted by dakotawbnfc

Re: Trying to set up all my computers

They are all iMacs. They are all on the same network, and all showing the same ID number. I did install version 13, and havent been able to connect to any of them yet.