Unable to establish connection with 1 of 2 online remote clients


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Unable to establish connection with 1 of 2 online remote clients

Hello and good afternoon, 


I've been using TeamViewer for the last 2 months on a daily basis to access 2 of my computers remotely, and have had 0 issues as of yesterday.  Please note, I have up to date versions of TeamViewer 13 installed on both remote clients, and the host client as well. 


The problem I'm having is when i login to the host client, it shows my list of computers under "My Computers'.  The status of each remote client are both "online", however I'm only able to establish a remote connection to 1 of the 2 computers.  

The server i'm attempting to remotely access has files on it that I need to pull for work purposes, however when connecting to the client using password - it hangs at the "connecting..." promt, and then the promt disapears with out any indication of failure to connect, or error.  I do have logs I can pull from the Host client, and also I've tried to connect through the #1 remote client to the #2 remote client as well, logs are also available from that client.  


Everything was working fine up until today when I tried to connect to my #2 remote client. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.