Unattended devices OneClick remote script execution

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Unattended devices OneClick remote script execution


We recently upgraded to version 14.6.4835 on both the local and remote computers, and we are having problems running scripts on remote computers running the Full or HOST Version of TeamViewer, as it requires approval from the remote computer even after changing the Policy Access control to "Custom" and setting the "Execute script" to Allowed on both outgoing and incomming settings, and because the Policy is inforced we can't manualy change the custom setting of the client access control configuration.

any help would be appreciated, Thank you

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Re: Unattended devices OneClick remote script execution

Hi @aridi ,

it seems as if you have done everything absolutely correct the way you did it.

If you like to, you can send me in a private message the logfiles from the local and remote side together with the date/time when you started the session and tried to execute the script. Maybe a screenshot of the policies might also help. We will then try to find out what's the problem.

Sorry for the inconveniences,



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