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Utilizzo dei canali


la nostra licenza Corporate ha 3 canali inclusi. Spesso ci capita di non poterci collegare perchè superiamo questo limite, ma controllando in Teamviewer l'utilizzo dei canali non risultano impegnati tutti e 3. Fra l'altro indicando solo l'ID Teamviewer e non l'utente risulta difficile stabilire chi eventualmente sta effettivamente utilizzando i canali.


Translated with google translator:

Use of channels
Good morning,

our Corporate license has 3 channels included. Often we happen to not be able to connect because we exceed this limit, but checking in Teamviewer the use of the channels are not committed all 3. Among other things, indicating only the ID Teamviewer and not the user is difficult to determine who eventually is actually using the channels.

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Re: Utilizzo dei canali

Hello @claudio-furgeri,

Thank you for your post.

The Community is a user-driven community – the majority of posts and solutions are therefore created by users, not by TeamViewer staff. As your issue is regarding licensing and usage of your license, it would be best to reach out to our support team, so they may further assist you.

Thanks again for your contribution!

Josh P.
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