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V12 Business License Android and Web Browser Play Fair

SO this as been an ongoing issue.
I have a paid Business License, started on V11 then upgraded to V12.
So the problem is when I use the ANdroid app or using a Web browser to access my clients computers that ALL have Version 12 installed, I get the Warning to "Play Fair" we have detected this is being used for Commericial Access...... Why YES it is BUT I have paid to use it!!
This is very annoying that I get these, like I am NOT PLaying Fair!!!! After one month of using TV I was convinced to use it and paid the over $1300 for v11 and Upgrade to V12 many years ago.
According to what I signed up for, I can have 3 computers with the licsenced to me, and single user (only ME) but unlimited access to as many remotes ar one single time!!

So My Mac laptop which is fine since in autorized to the Laptop, my one Android phone and a Chrome Google Notebook 13". 
The Notebook I use the Web Browser by logging in to my Teamviwer account and then connecting to the computer I wish... then I get the annoying "Playing Fair" same happens on my Android phone. These are the ONLY 3 devices I use on a regular basis. Once in a great while I might use a clients computer and log on to someone alse so I get  why I get the warning!!
I have opend 3 seperate Support tickets WITH NO ANSWERS!!

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Re: V12 Business License Android and Web Browser Play Fair

Hi D_Dale,

Thanks for your post.

I saw that you already have been in contact with my colleagues from our US team.

Please feel free to send my colleagues the TeamViewer ID of your Android device in a reply to the mail you received on August 30th, 2018 or to the mail you received on September 3rd, 2018 to move quickly forward with your case.

If you prefer you can also give them a quick call.

Thanks and all the best, Esther

Community Manager

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