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Version 12 support end


I tried to find information anywhere I could, but I was not able to get the bigger picture.

My question is - is there any EoL (End of Life) date set for previous versions of TeamViewer? In other words will there be any future updates for version 12?

For now it seems like there have not been any new updates for version 12 since version 13 took over.

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Re: Version 12 support end

usually when a new version comes out they expect you to upgrade. Since they went to a subscription base, I'm stuck at 12. I started with 9 and progressed on up but I know some companies still at version 4. There are many bugs with 12, one being that it will lose the ID to a system you once had no problem connecting to. I've had that on a few systems which caused many headaches as I had to make a trip to the site to gather the new ID.

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Re: Version 12 support end

Hi Mikus,

Thanks for posting.

We do not have an EOL date for V12.  Older versions for perpetual license holders are also still available, however new OS updates may not be officially supported

Supported OS

About updates, we generally only release security updates for previous versions as they are no longer in development.

@Fidolido am sorry to hear about the ID switching issue. This is not a bug of V12 however as TeamViewer ID's are controlled by our servers, not the application on your device. Could this have been due to the recent ID reassignment?


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