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Version 13 host assignment gives error that maximum number of devices reched


Today, at every installation of TV 13 Host, when I'm trying to assign the host to my console, by logging with my account, after authentication, I receive the error : "Install limit reached. With your edition, you may use Teamviewer only on a limited number of devices which is now reached. Please either deactivate an existing install in your account settings or upgrade to a higher edition." And I have two buttons : "Replace existing device" and "Close".

By pressing "Replace existing device" I am conducted to my portal, straight in to the interface where I can deactivate one from the three devices where I have the console installed and from where I am connecting.

This is really weird, as it has nothing to  do with my installation. The error refers to the maximum of 3 devices from which I can connect, and it has nothing to do with the unlimited number of hosts that I am installing.

Also, I have never seen this error in 3 years since I am using TV succesfully and configured literraly hundreds of hosts.

Pleas come up with a quick answer and resolution, as this is really annoing, being a stupid error from a really really expensive software.

I'm expecting it to work flowlessly, and better and better with every version upgrade. Up until now, it has worked well, with some bugs and problems but I have never had any issues or barriers connecting to my customers.

Thank you !



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2 Replies
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Re: Version 13 host assignment gives error that maximum number of devices reched

I'm getting this message also.  

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Re: Version 13 host assignment gives error that maximum number of devices reched


Unfortunately, with the Business license, it is only possible to sign in on 3 devices. These are the ones you will work from.

Because of this, it is not possible to assign devices using the log in option.

For End Points
We would recommend using a custom module (Such as host) that is available to you as license holders. This also makes the process a lot more streamlined as you also do not need to go through the trusted devices process and the device will be assigned to you automatically just by running the install with no log in required (And no "trusted devices" prompt). see here for install instructions if needed

Full Version
If you need the remote side to be the full version, you can also make an installer that is a "Custom Module" for the full version (Although, this will not have custom logo's or colour schemes).

To do this, first create a custom host, then copy the "Configuration ID"
Host IDC.png

Add this to the end of a regular install .exe prefixed by "-idc"
eg. a configuration ID of "abcd1234" makes an installer  "TeamViewer_Setup-idcabcd1234". When run, this will be automatically assigned to you.

Assigning Remotely
Another method is to add the device to your contacts list manually using the "Add remote device" button.
Add remote computer.PNG
Then follow the instructions here to assign the device to yourself remotely.

I hope this answers your Question!


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