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Posted by JoeBeau

Very 14 very slow file transfers

I had been using TeamViewer v11, quite successfully, and stuck with it so that I didn't have to keep updating versions on the various PC's for no apparent but time consuming reason. I was forced to update to version 14 and besides having to hunt around to see where My Computers had gone to, I found that file transfers are now very slow. This is from Windows to Android. Only the Windows version had to be updated.

Is this a "feature" of TeamViewer to drastically slow down file transfer for personal users? Or do I somehow have something wrong now that I'm running version 14?

Would like to know if I need to go back to ftp and winvnc and Remote Desktop for reasonable file transfers now. Thanks! (TeamViewer v11 had been a nice thing for occasional file transfer and some remote PC support. Thanks for that great version!)