Posted by trace

Wake On LAN Not Working Using Mobile Devices (Android & iOS)

I'm unable to WOL using mobile devices, both Android and iOS, while connected to my LAN via wifi using TeamViewer ID (not public address) to my main Windows 10 PC.  I can WOL with a laptop over wifi to the PC with no problems.  WOL worked months ago with Android but I haven't tried using it until the past few days.  I have never been able to get iOS devices to work.

Here are the logs from my Android device:

2018/01/13 05:03:27.908 3082-3101 I/TeamViewer WoL: WakeOnLanRequest RequestWakeup: 70XXXXXXX (28XXXXXXX)
2018/01/13 05:03:27.908 3082-3082 I/TeamViewer GroupMemberListComputerViewModel::WakeUpDevice() wake up requested
2018/01/13 05:03:29.318 3082-3101 E/TeamViewer PListManagedDevice::WakeupAsync: Wakeup 70XXXXXXX was not successful. Wakup was not configured
I'm unsure what the 28XXXXXXX ID in the parentheses is as there is no device associated with it.