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Web interface vs client

Hi all,  Have been using Teamviewer via the web console for months now, and suddenly I am getting booted out of my remote sessions and a message appears that says I appear to be using a business application and to get a license.  I have one.  It's premium.   When I go to log back in to the same PC, I get another message telling me that I cannot reconnect for another x number of minutes.  What gives?   If I use the client (which I don't like as well as the web interface), I don't experience this problem.    

Please help!  Thank you so much.

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Betreff: Web interface vs client

Hi Katmac,

thank you so much for your post and welcome in the communtiy. :-)

If you signed in with your premium-licensed account to the management console or your TeamViewer client, you should not get this message. I would kindly request you to check this first, please.

In the other case, the brute-force-protection is taking effect. If you tried several times to start the remote session with a wrong password, you must wait for a new attempt.

Please see attached for more information:


Brute-Force Protection
Prospective customers who inquire about the security of TeamViewer regularly ask about encryption.
Understandably, the risk that a third party could monitor the connection or that the TeamViewer access data is being tapped is feared most. However, the reality is that rather primitive attacks are often the most dangerous ones.
In the context of computer security, a brute-force attack is a trial-and-error-method to guess a password that is protecting a resource. With the growing computing power of standard computers, the time needed for guessing long passwords has been increasingly reduced.
As a defense against brute-force attacks, TeamViewer exponentially increases the latency between
connection attempts. It thus takes as many as 17 hours for 24 attempts. The latency is only reset after successfully entering the correct password.
TeamViewer not only has a mechanism in place to protect its customers from attacks from one specific computer but also from multiple computers, known as botnet attacks, that are trying to access one particular TeamViewer-ID.


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