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Posted by jphelps

Whitelist by IP Address

I use TeamViewer 11 to connect back to my home computer when I am on the road.  Recently, it became necessary to repair a portion of my laptop, and replace an external NIC.  After the repair, my temaviewer ID changed.  I setup whitelisting to prevent any  ID, other than the one I was issued, from connecting.  Now that appears to be a mistake, as I have lost connectivity.  I was wondering, is their a way to whitelist static IP addresses?

I see there is a managment console, and a few other ways via aTeamViewer account; but from what I understand, these both have vulnerabilities that were publicly exploited recently.  I found a few posts stating it was only corperate accounts that were jeapodized; but regardless, I do not want to risk it.  Is there a way to setup IP whitelisting, without incorperating a TeamViewer account or the managment console?.