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Wrong whitelist setting


I accidentaly set wrong entity in the white-list options on one of my computers.
(all my devices are very far away, use TV12-host, and are hosted by my company's clients).
I only got a v12 licence (Corporate).

Instead of adding "companyname" in whitelist, i think i wrote some "cmpanyname" or "companynme"...
Usually, the disc-image already contains this option, but some devices must be set manually.

Another information :
On some devices i can't use strategies (to force the assigment) because :
- some are very old (v8) and i can't update remotly ("close TV before update" ahah...)
- some are v12 -last release- but the managment-console don't want to assign because "this device use a TV release that can't hold strategies" O_O

So, is there a way to :
- Change the whitelist remotely ?
- Assign the devices remotely with v12-hosts-up-to-date-but-not-recognized-as-strat-capable ?

Any help is welcome !