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Your partner is using a newer version of TeamViewer

I have a TeamViewer license, I have been using it for more than a year, now I have a problem. I maintain a lot of computers and they started to update automatically to the new version. Why did they automatically update and complicate my work, because I did not give such permission to the program?
My program asks me to update my program so I can connect, but after the update I am asked to buy a new license for the new version! I have 12 version of programs! What is happening?

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Re: Your partner is using a newer version of TeamViewer

Hi @566666054 ,

Thank you for your post.

If you have purchased a  perpetual license, you would need to have the same version in order to use your license as you mentioned.
Therefore please make sure that both of side are using the version you purchased.  

In order to avoid updating to the latest version automatically, please follow these steps below. 
TeamViewer software > Extras > Options > Advanced > Show advanced options > General advanced settings > please choose the updates within this major version.

update majer version.png


If it is the case and you would like to use the latest version, you would need to update your license to a subscription, you can contact our sales team here.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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