Posted by Hautzi

custom TV-QS 14 not showing session-id anymore

On my remote systems I have copied my customized TV-QS module and startet it.
I could see my personal logo and my session-id and system-name.
When I was connected to it my internet-connection was broken and after having the internet connection back I could not even see the remote-system in my session list on TeamViewer.
When restarting the TV-QS module on my remote system it shows up without my personal logo and with the fields "Your-ID" and "password" (which changes evertime when you start the QS-module).
Restarting of system and deleting of all kind of temp files did not help to get back the correct working TV-QS module. I also downloaded it again from my TeamViewer profile on webpage, but still same wrong working QS-module.
Can anyone help me with this topic or has anyone had the same case? What can I do to get my customized QS-module running fine again?