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email address typo

I have a probelm with my account. 

At first, I made a account and registered a business license.

But after that, I couldn't log in that account and I found that

I miss-typed my email address. It was "~~~~~~@gamil.com".

It should be "gmail.com" not "gamil.com".

I recognized that cuz I made another account with same name+correct address "~~~~~~@gmail.com".

it would be impossible if I didn't miss type at first.

Here is  problem. I wanna change my email address in the first account. (cuz it has a license)

But I didn't register any trusted device so that I cannot log in with it.

And also changing pw doesn't work cuz it is not a correct email address and I cannot recieve a mail.

Would you help me out this problem?

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Re: email address typo


Thank you for your message. 

In this case, I kindly recommend to call our support team

It's not possible to solve licensing issues within the Community and they are happy to assist you in this case. 

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day. 

All the best,

German Community Moderator

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