Posted by gabi123

failed to upgrade business license "invalid license number"


This is a repost because I don't see my previous writing. I'm in a little hurry hope you understand.
I recently upgraded my business license to 13 , I got the invoice (1883890974) , I upgraded Team on my pc to v13 and I got "trial" .
I wrote a ticket #3816609 on 5.12.2018 but nothing happened, nobody answered. I wrote mail to support ,sent log, etc ... same nothing
Today trial expired , I'm in luck with extra trial 7 days
I present I got this:
Extras /Check for license updates...www...client.CheckForLicenseUpdate / Your current products: 1x TeamViewer 13 Business
Extras / Activate license / Legacy / License code / the license number is invalid

Pleas help ! I didn't uninstall/reinstall , don't want to loose an activation
Searched in Community and saw other people having same pb, but no answer