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multiple teamviewer versions

I am the American service technician for an italian company.  All of the machines that i install get version 12 of teamviewer.  But anything installed by the italians, have version 10 or older.  i can not simply update those machines because the italians have machines in other countries that also have version 10 or older.  So i need to be able to download both version 12 (or the newest) plus version 10 and have both of them on my computer at the same time.  So that i will be able to support these older machines as well as other manufacturers' equipment.

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2 Replies
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Re: multiple teamviewer versions

Hi @jhouseholder

TeamViewer is downwards compatible and you can just connect to the TeamViewer versions 10 with your TeamViewer 12.

Note: You will just have the feature set of TeamViewer 10 available in these connections.

All the best, Esther


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Re: multiple teamviewer versions

I know this is an older thread but it is completely relevant.

I Use TV 13 for newer systems but unfortunately as we support older Android Devices on QuickSupport some of those devices will only function with version 9.0.2204 of Quick Support installed, they simply do not support newer versions.

Attempting to connect to version 9.0.2204 of Quick Support on those Android devices from a newer version such as 12 or 13 on a desktop  results in no remote connection, it just states connecting and never actually connects the remote app.

I do run both TV 9 and 13 just fine, no issues, except...

If I try to connect to any host from the Teamviewer Management Console it tries to open teamviewer 9 instead of the the latest version and of course wants to upgrade it.

Is there anyway to change the default teamviewer app when I click the "Connect" button from the Management console?