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teamviewer 10 to 13 - Policy not applied


I updated my enterprise from tv 10 to 13.

now when i look in the online management some compters have the right policy.

Other have notapplied yet (policyname)

What does that mean ? 

How can i fix this ? 




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Re: teamviewer 10 to 13 - Policy not applied

I am having this same issue and upgraded from 10 to 13 as well.  In the Policy column, some of my devices say "Not applied" and others say "Check not supported".  Then in the machine properties, when I switch from "Inherit from group" to a particular policy it says "you cannot change teamviewer, itbrain anti malware or itbrain monitoring policies and move a device to another group at the same time. Please save your current changes first."  These machines haven't been moved between groups since their inception or the group inception so I'm not sure why I am getting this error when I try to force the policy on the player manually instead of doing it through the group.  I have well over a thousand machines I would like to implement policy on and the sooner this happens the better.  Please advise.