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teamviewer 13 on win10: installation fails and crashes


quite some problem here:

had Teamviewer 12 installed, but got message, that my partners have version 13 and i should update.
Unfortunately, this installations fails. the error message says: installation failed ...then it crashes, i can't click on the "details" button.
i tried:
-running as administrator
-deinstallation of version 12

.... nothing helped and i don't have any teamviewer anymore on my pc :(

would appreciate help

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Re: teamviewer 13 on win10: installation fails and crashes

Hello Phill,

can you please tell me if there is any specific error the installation fails with? Maybe you have been able to grab a screenshot when it fails?

What you can try is the following:

- unistall TeamViewer v12  and delete all options via "remove settings" in the uninstall wizard (try via Control Panel -> Programs and Features)

- delete the old TeamViewer folder if still existant (usually to be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer)

- reboot the system

- try to install again

If this should fail again, please grab a screenshot and the error message and post that here.

Best regards,


Rene - 2nd Level Support