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Free users limited access to old versions

When reading I'm worried, what this means for free users needing to access older OS versions like Mac OS X 10.6 where the max. availabe TeamViewer version is 9 according to - Will it not be possible to connect from TV 14 to TV 9 after June 18th, 2019?

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Re: Free users limited access to old versions

Hi @TobiasB

Thanks for your post.

As some outdated operating systems are not compatible with TeamViewer 14, you may not be able to use TeamViewer any longer on these specific devices.

This is something we carefully considered, and we took a keen look at the numbers before making this decision. In any case, the few operating systems that are not supporting TeamViewer 14 are not even supported by the manufacturer itself for a long time.

According to Apple's support page, you are still able to update your OS from Snow Leopard for free to El Capitan. This would allow you to continue using TeamViewer also on this device.

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Posted by TobiasB

Re: Free users limited access to old versions

Dear Esther,

thanks for your reply and clarification. As you may imagine, there are reasons why the device in question is still on 10.6 and will remain at that version. Will I'm able to buy a license for TV9 after the cut-off date? Otherwise I'll have to look for an alternative solution. Can anybody of the community recommend a software that still supports controlling 10.6 from a modern OS?