Posted by SupportDC

Both Teamviewer host 12 and 14 installed


Recently we upgraded to Teamviewer 14 in our company. We did a mass deployment of Teamviewer 14 hosts by using a copy of the GPO we used to deploy Teamviewer 12 host several years ago. The only difference being the msi package inside the GPO.

Teamviewer 14 hosts got deployed, but we can still see the Teamviewer 12 host ( and its MSI wrapper) installed on all machines. When connecting to the host machine, Teamviewer host 14 is always used.

When manually uninstalling the v12 host, it also partly uninstalls the new v14 host so obviously our way of deployment was far from clean.

We would like to uninstall v12 without also removing v14 but are unsure about the best way of doing this.

Any advice on where we go from here would be greatly appreciated. The problem with deploying v14 is that there's a lot (and I mean a lot) of conlicting information on how to best tackle this problem.

I've read all of Teamviewer's articles but none of them are very helpful.