Posted by raymond_cfit

Intune Teamviewer quicksupport crashes

Hi, does anyone here already have experience with the integration of team viewer in intune? I experience problems with the teamviewer quicksupport the program starts immediately after downloading and crashes after he has a connection. this is on the host and the client. in the eventvwr he displays a generic code (0x162c). a workaround but not a definitive solution install teamviewer local on the workstations and then he makes the connection that is offered via the company portal (intune). only company pollicy indicates that team viewer can not remain installed. the OS where the machines are now running is 1803 with the latest security patches

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Posted by StableGuy

Re: Intune Teamviewer quicksupport crashes

We experience the exact same issue when using Intune to take over a machine.

The app hangs on both sides, we can only make it work when at both end the TV app is installed.