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Licensing without an Email


We have about 150 computers we need to install Teamviewer on.  We just upgraded our standard Teamviewer 7 license to a yearly Corporate one but I can't seem to find a way to activate the licenses without an email.  We can't enter an email of every computer because we have cases where it isn't the same user on the computer 24/7 (they are in the backs of vehicles with different people on the vehicle every week).  Is there a way to do a license key like the old ones?

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Re: Licensing without an Email

Hi @champton ,

Thank you for your post.

It is no longer possible to activate a license to devices using the Legacy method due to the extensive problems caused and the loss of control of licenses by companies that results in potential unauthorised use, increased channel requirements and costs that the company does not really need.

In your situation, I would recommend to create a common (sheard)account or create account for each user.

End points do not require a license, only people making outbound connections need a license and this is managed by their TeamViewer account.
Once a user has a license account, they can just sign in to the software to be licensed. They will not get interrupted even if connecting to devices that are "Trial Expired"

On end points, We would recommend installing a host module rather than the full version
This has the benefits of:
- Simple Download with Custom link
- Does not show as "Trial" or "Free"
- You don't need to sign in and do the trusted devices process when setting up access to Hosts.
- They are added to your account automatically
- Shortened Setup process
- They are branded with your logo for a more professional appearance.

----Problems with License keys----

  • License keys are not traceable.
    When applied to a device, any connection to or from that device will use a channel. This can create unexpected usage of channels and results in license holders paying more for licenses than necessary due to rogue channel use.
  • Manual activations on individual licenses cause clashes when someone else tried to create a connection to or from the device using a different license
  • License key activations cannot be removed from the device by the license holder and require a support ticket to be removed.
  • By using license keys, many functions of the license are lost such as connection reports.

For more information:

Hope this will be helpful.

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