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Meeting Add In Runtime Error

TeamViewer Version: 14

Office version: 2016 x86

I receently upgraded from TV13 to 14 last week and ever since my meeting add in for Outlook has not been able to load (getting a Runtime Error). I have tried numberous fixes to the issue:

  • Re-installed TV13
  • Repair Office (quick and online)
  • Uninstall Office
  • Uninstall both Office and TV
  • Install TV14 with no previous settings

All of the above have failed so far. At this point, I figured the next best thing would be to enable the Fusion logs to see if the error is being caught by Outlook/TV, but I'm not sure if I can even see an error in these logs (All lines start with either LOG: or WRN:). Is there a dedicated TV log for this component that I could look at?

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Posted by DMartin

Re: Meeting Add In Runtime Error

Same issue for me.  I had not found the runtime error until seeing your post, but mine also has theat error.

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Posted by Elias_Kulac

Re: Meeting Add In Runtime Error

Same here. Are there any solutions for this problem?

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Re: Meeting Add In Runtime Error

Just an update on this: I think this might be an issue with Outlook, not the plugin. I recently tried installing another plugin for Outlook for UberConference, and that plugin never could login to their system. 


Still looking into it.