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Posted by Priest1972

NO ID or Password displayed - MAC

First time poster.

I have two mac mini's, both running High Sierra and neither of them want to produce IDs or random passwords. I had teamviewer 11 running fine, until I upgraded them to 13 then problems showed themselves. 

I've tried:

  • Manual uninstall (remove all .plist associated to TV)
  • Uninstall via TV
  • Followed ITBros ([link removed per Community Guidelines])

Now I've ran out of options and I am in no position to re-install OS because to my understanding ID's are generated by MAC addresses. I pay for this service, so any help would be appreicated!

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Posted by Priest1972

Re: NO ID or Password displayed - MAC

Nobody has a solution?


Happy new year....

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: NO ID or Password displayed - MAC

Hi @Priest1972,

Thank you for your post and welcome in our Community. 

I guess, you have an active internet connection on the two devices? Can you try to deactivate the security programs like firewalls on the devices and try to install it again? 

If you use a proxy server, please deactivate the proxy and try it again. 

If nothing helps and you are a paying customer, please submit a ticket for our support team via "Submit a Ticket". 

Have a great weekend and all the best :) 

Posted by kater

Re: NO ID or Password displayed - MAC


Did you find a solution for that?

Same problem both servers on High Sierra