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TeamViewer 14 Full auto-assign

Our company employs multiple field service technicians who would like to use the Teamviewer Full version to provide support for their customers in the field.  

Our IT department woud like to manage the field service tech's PCs and have them automatically added to our Company Computers group, not to their own "My Computers" group which the IT department cannot see.  

Previously this was accomplished in TV 13 by deploying the host which adds the tech's PC and applies the polices and configs.  We then would install the TV Full on top of it, thus allowing the tech's to deploy Quicksupport modules to their customers.  

Now, when trying to do this with TV 14, the full version throws an error saying that it is incompatible unless I uninstall TV 14 Host.  I've uninstalled the host and attempted to install the TV Full with the same method (batch file with configid and api-token), but that doesn't work either. 

If anybody has been able to get this working, let me know. 

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Re: TeamViewer 14 Full auto-assign

I have the same issue and a partial resolution.

I created a new application for TV14 in SCCM that supersedes TV13.

Uninstall TV13 be deploying the TV13.0.6447_full.msi file locally and then running

msiexec -x TV13.0.6447_full.msi /qn 

Install TV14.2 full client with

msiexec -i TV14.2_full.msi /qn C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer>msiexec.exe /i TeamViewer_Full.msi /qn APITOKEN=3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--alias %COMPUTERNAME% --group ""IT users"""

Some users have TV13.0.6447 and some have TV13.2.26558. This works on those that have TV13.0.6447, those that have TV13.2.26558 ends up in uninstalling TV13 BUT retaining the TV13 Wrapper which blocks the TV14 install.

Any attempt through remote commandline using psexec or powershell uninstalling the wrapper fails. The wrapper is always left behind and blocks TV14.

Querying wmi to find product id and localpackage in windows\installer and using the product id or the locally stored msi pacakge fails to uninstall TV13 wrapper as well.

In this community there is multiple threads on this topic without a solution. I have a ticket open on this but unfortunately support has not been helpful either.

Any other method of forcing any traces of TV13 wrapper out of the computer?