Posted by OmalikSmart

TeamViewer 14 crash by startup the Allplication

By starting TW14 it shows the main Screen and the close it.

This is the Important thing of the TeamViewer14_Logfile.log

2019/05/07 14:18:37.348 11616 12580 S0!!!CRASH: Unhandled C++ exception at 0x7681C54F: could not convert calendar time to UTC time (Exception Code: 0xE06D7363)
2019/05/07 14:18:37.652 11616 12580 S0!!!CRASH: Saved dump file to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer14\TeamViewer_Service_14_2_8352__.mdmp'


does someone know this problem after installing? i deinstall the TW14 reboot the Computer an install it again. The same Problem.

Win7 64bit Machin


Thanks for any help