Posted by Thoford

Teamviewer 14 and PSADT with SCCM

Anyone have experience with new version of TV and PSADT for SCCM Deployment?

i have 2 settings.

First the msi install.

Execute-MSI -Action 'Install' -Path "TeamViewer_Host.msi" -Parameters 'CUSTOMCONFIGID=XxXxXx IMPORTREGFILE=1 /qn'

doesnt seem to work, as it wont accept the Parameters at all.

2nd part.

Start-Sleep 10
Execute-Process -Path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe' -Parameters 'assign --api-token xxxxxxxxxx --grant-easy-access --group-id gXXXXXX --alias ""%computername% - %username%""' -ContinueOnError $true

The alias doesnt work with %username%, only %computername% shows.