Posted by Creature42

Teamviewer VPN instructions needed please

Here's the situation. One computer in Winnipeg (Canada) and the other in Cambridge (UK) and I want to connect them via VPN for gaming. I have disabled the firewall and disabled IPV6 on both. I'm running the latest Temviewer (14.x). I have connected the two via VPN and have the IP addresses assigned. I still can't ping in either direction. At least not now. I could when I tried a test earlier today (a dry run) but now it's a no go (following the same connection steps). The given procedure is simple. It just doesn't say what to do when it doesn't work.

At the moment both computers are here for Christmas so I'd really like to figure this out before one goes back to the UK. For the purposes of testing (trying to replicate the live scenario) I have each computer behind a different router. Both computers are running WIndows 10.