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Posted by penswen

Wake On LAN Worked Once

I recently spent a good chunk of time setting up my old Windows 10 desktop for WOL using my router's public address so I can access it from college without getting my parents to turn it on for me. I was ecstatic when I finally got it to work, but all subsequent tries to turn on the computer remotely have failed. I followed the manual and have set up my system as follows:

  • BIOS configured to allow for WOL.
  • Device Manager configured to allow for WOL via magic packet.
  • Desktop has a reserved IP addressed in the router configuration.
  • The same port I inputted into the Teamviewer WOL settings is forwarded in my router's configuration.
  • Fast startup has been disabled.
  • Both computers are assigned to my Teamviewer account.

Since it worked once, I'm not sure what the problem is. I can still connect with Teamviewer if I turn on my computer ahead of time. Any help would be appreciated.