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license features

We use a corp. license on a thousands of machines.  We have one group of 300 where we have a provided an addional login for our client.  When our client logins they are unable to perform features like blank out screen etc. I think they were able to before we upgrade their remote system to the most current.  The hosts are still in the range of 11.xx to 13.xx.

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Re: license features

Hi @gfriedland,

Thank you for posting.

1) If you are not able to use the black screen feature even you sign in with an account associated with a license though, please visit this article.

2) if your client signs in with a free version of an account, unfortunately, a license is required in order to use the black screen.

When using the black screen feature, please make sure to sign in with an account associated with a license.

Hope this information will be helpful for you.

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Re: license features

How long has it been like that?  Did that just get changed recently?