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Posted by PiotrB

unmarked easy access after import REG file

Dear Support TeamViewer

I have problem with Team Viewer 14. Instalation, assignment to my account, import REG file are fine but each time when I import REG file grant easy access is unmarked and when I try connect, Team Viewer ask me about password. When I marked grant access to my account manualy Team Viewer do not ask me about password.

In option->general->assigment to account I can see installation assignment to my account.
I exportes to REG file all sections (general, security, advance), export settings for new users and personal password.

How I can force marked easy access during import REG file?



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1 Reply
Posted by Shane12

Re: unmarked easy access after import REG file

I have this same issue.  If I import the reg file, I can no longer access the computer without putting in a password.