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How to recover deleted file?

Please advise as to the step(s) to recover a file deleted by End Point Protection.


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Re: How to recover deleted file?

Dear @adowers,

Thank you for your post. 

The recovering of a deleted file is not possible. But if that was a false-positive notification, please contact my colleagues for further investigation. 

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Re: How to recover deleted file?

Hi @adowers 


Thanks for the post. 

Usually, Endpoint Protection will not delete a file, most of the times it will be quarantined. You can check the threat detail in the Management console or click on the Quarantine button in the Endpoint protection Tab. 

If a file would be deleted it was deemed by the malware engine that a virus could not be disinfected and the next action is deleted. However, these cases are very rare and false positives for these cases are rare also.

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