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Posted by DavidParis

Account activation failed on Teamviewer


I imagine this is an issue for a ticket but I’m a free user and can’t create those. So I’m writing here in hopes someone can help me.

I have and older Team Viewer account that I just started to use again very recently. The program kept on asking me to activate it but when I asked it to resend me the activation email it kept on making me log in over my browser without giving me the option to actually send any activation email again.

I decided to erase my account and created it again with the seam email adress, it seemed to work well, I received the activation email and did the process.

But now when I try to log in from the program it keeps on saying that I have not activated my account yet, so it sends me back to the browser, again, without any option to resend the email or something.

I don’t know what to do, I’m locked out, hope you can help me guys.