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Blacklist by IP


we use teamviewer in some PCs by LAN connection only (we set "Incoming LAN connections" on "accept exclusively") and in this PCs we can't connect to internet.

We would like to insert on whitelist only some PCs by Ip address, is it possible?

How can we do that?

I only see whitelist and black list by account (impossible withtout internet connection) and by mail (but it does not work when I tried)

Thanks to all

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2 Replies
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Re: Blacklist by IP

Dear @IsibetSupport,

Thank you for your post. 

Please open the Options via "Extras" --> "Options" and move to the "Security" tab. When configuring the Black and Whitelist, you have the possibility to choose "Manually add contact to your blacklist/whitelist". Please type in directly the relevant IP address (with the dots) you want to grant/deny access and click on "Add" --> confirm everything with "OK". 

If it does not work when LAN connections are deactivated, please first switch to "Incoming LAN connections" --> "accept exclusively" and tr it again. Switch back to "Incoming LAN connections" --> "deactivated" again. The Black- or Whitelist should remain the same. 

Hope this could help. Please let me know, if you have any further questions :) 


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Re: Blacklist by IP

Hi Natasha,

I can't find the setting panel that you told me.

I find the settings in the image, in the first image I could not enter my account 'cause in this Pc there is no internet connection




 I tried to insert in the second image the mail address of our account, also my ip address the connection try to be authenticated but it does not work.

How we can do?

Thanks in advance